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About Us


Everything Lemonade is a not-for-profit organization, beginning with the concept of Lemonade: Pink Edition.  Our fearless leader, Dr. Alicia Collins, was inspired to celebrate cancer and other survivors. Dr. Collins, a survivor of leiomyoma sarcoma (at the time) was inspired to celebrate others to whom God had given a new lease on life.  She is always grateful for every opportunity to serve humanity.  With the support of the Board of Directors,  the mission of the organization has expanded beyond breast and cancer survivors to survivors of domestic violence survivors and others who have suffered other atrocities in their lives and survived.


Instead of everything happening today, Everything Lemonade has also included COVID-19 Survivors and support for Essential Workers! To be more inclusive, the name was changed to Everything Lemonade!  Everything Lemonade serves as a well of resources, hope, and empowerment for all. To celebrate as many survivors as possible, this organization also offers corporations and other non-profit organizations the opportunity to partner and celebrate their survivors at the Annual Lemonade Celebration!  Please contact our office if you are willing to participate in this event by honoring your survivor, volunteering, being a vendor, or having your group or non-for-profit organization participate in our Annual Lemonade: Celebration of Survivors! Email us: at for more info.

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